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Authentic Street Food That Knows Its Roots

From family kitchens to street stalls throughout Latin America—and now into your hands—our recipes have traveled a long way to bring you a fresh, authentic and bold take on Latin street food.

The Sabor Story

Latin street food is more than just what we serve, it’s who we are. When Dalton Espaillat founded Sabor in Charlotte in 2013, he envisioned a restaurant that embodied his home in the Dominican Republic, where the food is handmade and served from street vendors and eaten hot and fresh, right there in the bustling streets. Of course, our food extends beyond just Dominican street food recipes—we deliver a pan-Latin experience that builds on the shared heritage and flavors that bind our cultures together. We want to give you a true taste of Latin culture as we’ve lived it.

photo of Sabor employee hand-making flour tortillas

Where our food calls home

map image of latin america Colombia Cuba Dominican Republic El Salvador Mexico Venezuela
map image of latin america Colombia Cuba Dominican Republic El Salvador Mexico Venezuela


Colombia is a diverse country with an even more diverse palette. Varied textures and flavors play together to create unique and hearty street food that inspires much of our menu.


Cuba brings together Carribean, Spanish and African flavors into a unique cuisine that’s all their own. We carry that cross-cultural creativity into our protein-packed Cuban Bowl.

Dominican Republic

Growing up in the Dominican Republic, Sabor founder Dalton Espaillat was inspired by the many flavors of the island, from grilled burritos to yuca fries, plantains and the famous Rosada sauce. Dominican flavor profiles are found all over our menu.

El Salvador

Naturally, we owe our Salvador Fries to El Salvador, where the fries are made from the starchy and subtly sweet yuca root, then covered with tasty toppings. Citrusy curtido slaw is another Salvadoran favorite that completes many of our dishes.


From tacos to burritos, gorditas and nachos, Mexican cuisine is a culinary inspiration around the world. We take these familiar staples and add a contemporary street food twist.


Fresh Venezuelan arepas are the unsung hero of our menu. Handmade daily and crisped to perfection, the masa cakes are stuffed with a choice of protein, cheese and Rosada sauce.

Fresh. Authentic. Bold.

Everything at Sabor is FAB: fresh, authentic and bold. This is our FAB Commitment and it’s the motivation behind our menu, our decor, our hospitality and our culture. Our goal is to deliver the freshest food, the most authentic street food experience and a bold new way to think of Latin cuisine. From the moment you walk in to your last bite, we want you to feel FAB too!

photo of Sabor cuban bowl

The Sabor family

When you work with us, you’re a part of the family. We believe in our employees and want to see them succeed in every area of their lives, which is why we aim to foster a positive and enriching environment for them to grow. Our dedication extends beyond the walls of our restaurants too. As an independent, family-owned business, it’s our duty to uplift our fellow local businesses and all the communities that have welcomed us with open arms.

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