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Sabor Latin Street Grill Accessibility Statement

Issue Date May 24, 2022

Sabor Latin Street Grill is committed to trying to provide a website that is accessible to all users, including those users with disabilities. We believe the web should be inclusive and accessible to all people, regardless of their abilities or impairments. So, we’ve been working hard to improve user experience and try to make sure our website is perceivable, operable, and understandable for everyone who wishes to access it. We are making efforts to meet evolving accessibility standards, specifically the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1).

We strive to present information and user interface components in a way that everyone can perceive, so that:

  1. All of our images have text alternatives, and our videos have transcripts.
  2. Our responsive website is adaptable to different screen orientations.
  3. Our headings and other information is organized in a meaningful sequence.
  4. We use html landmarks and ARIA attributes (when appropriate) to make sure that the information, structure and relationships of our content is conveyed without relying solely on sensory characteristics.
  5. Our content is distinguishable: the background and text colors across our entire site exceed WCAG AA contrast ratio of 4:5:1 for normal text and 3:1 for large text. We do not use color alone to convey meaning.

We strive to make sure that everyone can operate our user interface components including the navigation, so that:

  1. Users without a trackpad or mouse can navigate our entire website using only their keyboard. We make sure that interactive elements are in a sequential tab/focus order and have  a clear focus style.
  2. Our website videos have easy-to-operate controls.
  3. We respect user preferences for reduced motion by disabling animated movement on our site for anyone that has this preference enabled on their device.
  4. Our site helps users easily navigate and find content by using descriptive page titles and section headings, and link titles or text that express purpose.
  5. Our buttons and links have a target size of at least 44 by 44px.

We strive to ensure that the information on and operation of our site are clear and understandable, so that:

  1. We use language attributes in our code so that the default language of the site can be determined.
  2. Our copy is written for a secondary education reading level.
  3. Our header and footer, including navigation, is consistent on every page.
  4. Our forms use labels and instructions, including error identification.

We strive for robust website content that can be interpreted by a wide range of users and assistive technologies, so that:

  1. Our markup elements have opening and closing tags and id attributes are unique on each webpage, so that each page can be parsed.
  2. We use standard HTML controls to ensure the name, role and value of interface components is clear.


We welcome your feedback on the accessibility of the Sabor Latin Street Grill website. If you encounter accessibility barriers on our website, please let us know:

  • Clicking on the “Contact Us” link on the online environment you are visiting;
  • Emailing our Customer Care Center at info@raydalhospitality.com;
  • Calling us at 704-900-2952; or
  • Writing to us at Raydal Hospitality, Sabor Latin Street Grill, 300 N. College St. STE #101 Charlotte, NC 28202