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“Leading with Empathy”: Interview with Sabor’s Director of Community Engagement Miriam Espaillat

Nov 11, 2022      In The News

Serving our bold street food takes more than just fresh ingredients and authentic recipes. It takes the hard work of dedicated employees with the resources and support needed to thrive. It takes, as Miriam Espaillat sees it, empathy.

As Sabor’s co-founder, Miriam Espaillat has always been intimately involved in shaping the workplace culture. Her professional experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and her personal experience as a Salvadorean immigrant have made her uniquely suited to connecting with her staff beyond their roles at Sabor. Now, acting as the Director of Community Engagement, she focuses on addressing employees’ human needs by connecting them to essential resources, advocating for them in their home communities and creating opportunities within Sabor for career development.

In this interview, Miriam discusses her background, her vision for Sabor’s culture and what she and the company do to ensure each employee feels valued.

Miriam Espaillat Interview Transcript

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